Development status of valve industry

The valve is a device that controls the flow, pressure and flow direction of the fluid by changing the size of its flow channel area. Based on Chinese standards, general valves are divided into eleven categories according to the driving mode, function and structural characteristics. Drive valves mainly include shut-off valves and regulating valves; automatic valves mainly include check valves, safety valves, diverter valves and regulating valves.

As China's economy continues to run smoothly and the degree of industrialization is getting higher and higher, the demand for high-performance valves is also growing. Some industrial fields such as oil and gas industry, chemical industry and power generation industry have high requirements on the performance of industrial valves. In the past, due to insufficient production technology of Chinese valves, China relied more on imported foreign products in terms of high-performance valves. In the future, with the enhancement of research and development capabilities of Chinese industrial valve enterprises and the advancement of technology, the localization rate of high-performance valve products in China will increase.