Intelligent valves are making great progress

In response to the trend of intelligent development, Tun Valve Company actively explored and accelerated development, and realized the successful transformation of product intelligence. All kinds of pneumatic valves, electric valves, regulating valves and other intelligent products have been developed and produced in recent years. The technology is mature and the product series is formed. With mature technology, reliable quality and high-quality value-added services, it is well-known in the market. Recently, another batch of high-end intelligent electric high-pressure globe valves and pneumatic bellows valves have been rolled off the production line and have successfully passed the acceptance inspection, and will be sent to the project sites of many well-known enterprises.

Intelligent manufacturing represents the integration of advanced manufacturing technology and informatization. With the accelerated development of a new round of industrial transformation, the integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing has accelerated, constantly changing the production mode and development model of the manufacturing industry.